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MOSCOWJOB.NET - Non commercial and free information resource for job search, staff vacancies and information about employers and recruitment agencies. For regions of Russian Federation: Moscow and Moscow Region.


Moscow is capital and one of largest cities of Russia. Moscow is a major economic, political, cultural and scientific center city in Russia and in Eurasia. The history of Moscow is about 860 years according Russian Federation. It is the financial, capital and political centre of Russia which has about 13 millions populations and it covered about 1,080 km? area of the country. According to Forbes news Moscow has the largest number of billionaire residents in the world. Moscow is located in the Central Federal District of European Russia which makes it one of most beautiful city of the world because it's situated on Moskva-River which is one of most populated island of the world. It has one of the world largest forests which protected by borders and saved from Animals. Moscow has green "yards" with trees and grass which covered residential buildings. It's served by an extensive transit network which has four international airports which helped for international passengers to visit Moscow from the entire world. Without International Airports, It has nine railway terminals for traveling to visit from one city to another. Religion of Moscow city is Christianity which has most popular churches but Russian Orthodox Church is the most popular. There are so many places for international passengers to visit and know about Agriculture, History and Culture of Russian peoples. The most popular places for international passengers to visit and know about the beauty of Moscow are, "Saint Basils Cathedral" which also known by" Cathedral of Christ the Savior" and the "Seven Sisters", Shukhov Tower, Ostankino Tower & so more.

Travel to Moscow city.

Moscow has been considered one of highest ranked city which receive international passengers for visiting. It has hundreds years history which has so many Kremlin, The first Kremlin was built in the middle of the 12th century. The Kremlin was rebuilt in the 15th century. Some towers and churches were built by Italian architects. It has 96 parks, 18 gardens and 450 square kilometers of green zones besides 100 square kilometers of forests. Moscow is one of most green city if we compare it with other Western Europe and North America which bring great scenes to see. The city has so many interesting places which will be an unforgettable moment of your life. Other popular attractions include the Moscow Zoo, which has nearly a thousand species and more than 6,500 specimens. Each year, Moscow zoo attracts more than 1.2 million visitors from entire world.

Working in Moscow.

Moscow is the capital of Russia which has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Russia. Finding Job in Moscow depends on several stages. For Example, Depends on your qualification, Depends on your Background & depends on your experience. If it's your dream to work in Moscow so it will take some time of your life to find successful job because it's not easy to fulfill your wish. There is a great chance for foreign experts to work in Moscow but it is generally depends on several stage as we mentioned above. You have to find an online resource which will help you to find job through your home country so whenever your job application accepted by Russian companies side then they will try to contact. Everyone wish to find good job and should be good salary to build his future. There are many online recruitment consultancies which can help you find a job in Moscow to match your qualifications. One of them is "". offer best service to find job in Moscow & It's free of cost for all its customer, it offer free service to all its customer so you can upload your CV/Resume through

Career building in Moscow.

Moscow is a place to build your career which welcomes international expert to build his/her career. Thousands of Peoples visit Moscow to find Good job but they failed in their courage time. For a successful career a person should have patient, courage and should be hard worker because finding job in Moscow isn't easy like one, two, and three. You should try your best for finding job because as you say that "no pain, no gain" so we should search & try to find our favorite job from Different online resources. Moscow is a place of dream; we should fulfill our dream from great research to build a successful career for future. Russian employees are more eager to stay in a company if it offers career growth prospects and positive working environment. Nowadays Moscow looks that they accepts more International expert to work with them so they will allow more international worker to work with them. is an employment website which helps you to find your favorite job in Moscow city. Many Employment websites are charging to post job requirement or to upload your CV but in, you will get all feature completely free. You should submit your resume in website to find current jobs in Moscow. It provides free access to all CVs (resumes) and Jobs (vacancies) data base to find job in Moscow. By using website you can find all current jobs which posted by publisher. Here you will find useful, unique, and relevant information about Moscow job which will make your future bright. You can also find to read a lot of useful and relevant information on employment, including how to write resume.

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Jobs in Moscow and Russian Federation. (Rabota v Moskve i Moskovskoy oblasti - Podmoskovie)
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