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Moscow is enter to Top 10 of the major cities all over the world and in Europe it is the largest capital. According to the official data it has the population over 12 million. Outside the square is equal to a country like Luxembourg, which is 2,500 sq. km. For Russia, Moscow is the city emblem of the biggest country. So, here are the main centers of companies, all government agencies, and it is a tourist visiting card of the country. Also in Moscow, there are 5 airports, 8 railway stations and 1 subway station, which provide the transport needs of the city and its tourists.
If we recall the story of Moscow, there is no exact date of foundation the city. There is only the first mention of it in 1147. In this year, April 4, the prince Yuri Dolgoruky invited another prince on a military conference in Moscow.
Accordingly, townsmen celebrate the city Day this day every year. Regarding the origin name of the city there are many legends, but the main is the city is situated on the Moskva-Reka. During this time, Moscow fell under the invasion of the enemy forces, in 1365 Moscow is completely burned for several hours. Also many other nations tried to encroach it. But then it started to consolidate military and attach themselves to new areas, such as Tver and Novgorod, then it was released from the Mongol invasion. After that in Moscow reduced a new stone fortress - a new Kremlin in the late 15th century. Fortress was built by Italian masters during 10 years, and now it is the Kremlin. Next, Moscow became more powerful and more powerful. During the reign of Peter I capital was moved to Saint-Petersburg, but in 1918 after the civil revolution, it moved back to Moscow. USSR ceased to exist in 1991 and Moscow became the exclusively capital of Russian Federation.
For today the Moscow's job market is the largest in Russia. So here focused most of all financial institutions, including banks of the country. In addition, every company wants to have the office here no matter which industry it is employed, although the main centers of production is not centered here. Experts predict: exclusively economy in Moscow in the next 5 years will go in the top 20 cities with the economy and its regional GDP will amount to 325 billion dollars, which is about the GDP of a country like Ukraine. The volume of GDP for one muscovite is 20 thousand dollars. In the job market, there is always great demand because salary is the highest among the CIS countries. So, people want to work here from other countries and Russian provinces. They more applying for low-skilled occupations - the builders, sellers, cleaners. So among the most popular professions leading IT professions and the professions in the field of accounting; salary of more it is over than two thousand dollars. The least paid professions include: janitor, waiter, teacher and doctor.

You can search job in different ways. For example:
The first, you can apply to the Moscow Service employment of the population, it has the database of the free vacancies in Moscow, and in addition there you can find all information about occupations which are required in the job market of the city now. It can also provide a variety of consulting services about your employment. However, a smaller part of humans looking for work in this way, because most companies do not provide information about free vacancies to the Service employment.
The second is a private company of employment they offer their services for a fee. They form their base of employers and staff. In this case, they take payment only from employers. They prepare resumes and send them to companies and recruitment agencies. Private companies can offer vacancies of current period (season work), and usually with low pay.
Directly on the enterprises and organizations this way is in communication with the employer, and it is suitable when have decided with the type of profession or with a choice of a particular company. Also, this method is suitable for those, who chose a unique kind of profession.
For specially designed arrangements of employment employers do advertise for their company themselves and as follows make an offer of vacancies in the job market, but this method is limited by companies which take part in these activities.
The Internet Company is the more popular method among specialists as you can send your resume or search for desired jobs from a database of Internet sites, or to link these two methods. It is possible to set different search filters such as salary, age, same profession.

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